Instant Performance Analysis

About Fieldback

The Fieldback system is a wireless web based application which brings video analysis direct to the event. A camera system that, with one push on te button presents the video of the just passed moment from various camera positions to teachers, coaches, trainers, performers, players and public.

How does Fieldback work?

The teacher/trainer/coach sees an important moment
He pushes the button on his device/smartphone/laptop/tablet/smartwatch
The moment is classified, stored in a database and can immediately be presented, from different camera views on smartphone, Ipad, laptop or tv-screen
The images and its accompanying feedback can be presented and discussed with students and staff
Besides that staff, teams and players are able to:
Upload and analyse videos afterwards
Download and share moments
Build up portfolios with their most important moments

Fieldback system overview

Fast and easy set-up
Fully web based
Platform independent
Various camera positions
Various configurations, fixed or mobile
Works with webcams up to and including HD Cameras

The Fieldback system is developed by Spinnov, Less or more web solutions, University of Technology Eindhoven and various sport clubs

For more information, please contact Spinnov